Barcoder is a class library facilitating the use of UCC/EAN...

Barcoder is a class library facilitating the use of UCC/EAN Code 128 barcode in all three (3) subsets; Subset A, Subset B and the numeric compact Subset C.

Barcoder makes it easy with methods for creating scan-able code 128 barcodes, calculating Code 128 Checksums, easy access to Subset A, B, and C special characters, and more.

The Barcoder class library simplifies printing of the UCC/EAN code 128 barcode using True Type fonts. The class library is packaged into a DLL and has been developed for use with the following programming languages:C#.

NETASP. NETVB. NETVB 6. 0C/C++And can be easily used in:Visual Studio 2003Visual Studio 2005Visual Web DeveloperThe class library itself was written in C#,.

NET framework version 1. 1. 4322 and is fully interfaced for COM integration. So why reinvent the wheel when you can fulfill your UCC/EAN Code 128 barcode needs right now with dotNETWheels.